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2016 TANONG Year-End Party (Weiya/ 尾牙)

Weiya (Chinese character: 尾牙) is a traditional annual celebration for the earth god, also known as the god of wealth and merit on the 16th of the 12th lunar month in Chinese ethnic societies, especially in Taiwan. However, shoe is on the other foot nowadays. In Taiwanese culture and society, Weiya (尾牙) in modern times has taken on another role, Year-End Party. It is not only a religious ceremony, but has also become a social event in many companies. Employers will treat their employees to a traditional Weiya banquet to show their thankfulness for their employee’s hard work over the past year.

Looking back over the past year of 2016, in order to thank the employee's support and dedication, TANONG held an extraordinarily wonderful year-end party to show thankfulness to all of TANONG members on January 15th. This year-end party of TANONG has not only become a merely catering event but also a banquet coming along with many different entertaining activities.

At the begining of this wonderful party, in addition to showing thankfulness, TANONG chairman, Eric Chang also communicated with all of TANONG employees and launched the latest annual victory and strategic policies, whose inspirational and energizing speech has culminated in “I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.

Besides, TANONG held the year-end party that announced the best employees of senior and loyal award and shared “Red Envelop/紅包 (thank you money)” as well as organized prize draw, which rewarded for the employees over the past year and effectively gathered teams’ coherence.

For more photos, please click (滑鼠點選-尾牙相簿錦集): 2016 Year-End Party Album




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