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“Small Enterprises Talent Skill Progressive Program”-Training Courses have Started!

Hey! TANONG members!

Let's be the Shining Diamonds!

    The ultimate goal of an enterprise is to be able to develop with "sustainability". The main asset for achieving this goal is "talents".

    In order to strengthen the talent training, TANONG has been cooperating with the Taiwan Ministry of Labor (MOL) Workforce Development Agency to implement “Small Enterprises Talent Skill Progressive Program” since the beginning of August. Based on our annual development goals, TANONG has organized a series of training courses, including five main categories: "The R&D Management of New Product", "The Management of Finance and Human Resources", "Competent Leadership of Department Heads and Marketing Skills of Marketing Specialist”, "Efficiency and Ability of Communication between Departments".

    Through planning the training courses in accordance with TANONG’s annual development goals, we are aimed to let every staff shine like a diamond as well as make ourselves more competitive.

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