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2016 Dealer Meeting and Launch of New Products

Tanong Precision Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully hosted “Dealer Meeting and Launch of New Products” in Taichung Golf & Country Club in Taiwan on June 19, 2016. In this wonderful event of nearly 200 attendees, TANONG unveiled its latest offering, the Radial Power Sprayer and TAR High Pressure Washer. Through the wonderful presentation, professional introduction and hands-on experience of these new products, TANONG showed the dealers with the excellence of Diamond products. In addition to the products of our own brand mentioned above, the high pressure washer accessories of well-known Japanese HYDLIC and Italian PA were also demonstrated on this event.

In addition to the launch of new products and the hands-on opportunity, TANONG also took this time to host a delicious lunch feast. During lunchtime, attending dealers were able to exchange experiences, learn from each other and network freely.


On the day of Dealer Meeting and Launch of New Products, many dealers participate in, showing their deep interest in the products of Diamond brand.


Eric Chang, the President of Tanong, shares a laugh with dealers in the hall of this event.


Jasmine Chang, the Vice President of Tanong, and Miss Yu gives the guests a warm welcome and greeting at the entrance.


Kevin Huang, the District Sales Representative of TANONG guides one dealer to look around a table-full of Radial Power Sprayers, which are the main roles among new products showcase in this event.

Many dealers enjoy chatting and accompanying with each other to discuss the awesome shape of TAR High Pressure Washer, which is also the main role in this event. 

Different dealers get together and exchange their ideas about the new products.


Showcase of tables-full products makes many visitors feel extremely interested!


Eric Chang, President of TANONG, tells the attending dealers that "the company's goal is to be a top manufacturer and think highly of the profits of TANONG's key accounts according to the latest sales policies".


Dealers get together to listen to the presentation of the products of new launch. 


All the people enjoys chatting and accompanying with each other in the lunch feast. 


Listening carefully toward the needs of our customers and fulfill the needs of the customers is always the principle TANONG.


In the region of "Hands-on Experience", lots of dealers gather and wait, looking forward to operating Radial Power Sprayer and TAR High Pressure Washer.


Bill Hong from the RD department shows off the finer points of TAR High Pressure Washer to dealers after their hands-on operation of this cleaner.


Radial Power Sprayer installed with engine sprays mist as if TANONG creates the "Triumph of Rainbow" today.

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