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Radial Power Sprayer- News

Since 1930s, high pressure power sprayer has been applied in the plant protection field widely. V-belt driven sprayer couple with an engine or a motor is the most common way among the users. However, the traditional v-belt driven sprayers are not really compact in size, and the rotating belt might hurt the users during the operation. Also, low RPM operation reduces the working efficiency. These are the major drawbacks of the traditional power sprayers.

With the basis of more than 45-year experience making power sprayers, TANONG then came to an idea of developing a whole new DT series high pressure power sprayers in 2013. It took 3 years to introduce the concept of multi cylinders, spare parts commonality for different models , and the latest wear-resistant engineer plastic and plasma coating materials to the newly designed DT series high pressure power sprayers.

DIAMOND brand power sprayers have always been the most innovated products in the pump field for almost the past half century. From the time when TANONG started to develop DT power sprayers, we have done so many tests to make this DT series perfect. The sprayer is now much smaller in size compare with the traditional power sprayer. Also, almost 90% of spare parts commonality, higher working efficiency, and less labor is required while operation. These information can all be seen at TANONG website www.tanong.com.tw, Youtube, and online E-catalogue.

DT series includes two, three, and five cylinders with different flow rate. Manual and automatic pressure release device and direct coupling engine or motor and some other options. The DT sprayers will soon become the model of the next generation power sprayers within the next 6 months.

We, TANONG, not only test the new DT sprayer by ourselves, but also send out the sprayers to the dealers in lots of countries. This new DT sprayer received lots of good feedbacks from different dealers and we also acquired the strong recommendation from the ASIAN HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD. to the market of Middle East, South America, and South East Asia.

We plan to launch the 5 cylinder sprayer to the market in October, 2015 and then introduce the 3 cylinder and 2 cylinder sprayers in the next two months. As for the sprayers that can be operated under 70 bar, we will launch it to the market in the 3rd quarter of 2016 after we finish the structure study.

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