Tanong Agriculture Planting Machine

In spring 1970, several young engineers devoted themselves to the Taiwanese Agricultural Mechanization and agriculture planting machine. They established TANONG Agricultural Machine Co., Ltd. and tried to develop some planting machines. Power sprayers then became their first step in this field. Their belief and passion made TANONG keep growing for the past 30 years, and achieve world-class power sprayer maker.


After decades as being a leading agricultural machinery manufacturer in power sprayer area, TANONG gradually stepped into other areas such as agriculture planting machine, industrial high pressure pumps, and misting systems. As TANONG grew rapidly, improvements were made in production and quality control procedures, and accordingly TANONG was approved with ISO9001 standards successively.


Three core capabilities of TANONG Agricultural Machinery Industry

Agricultural Machine Manufacturer

In the past decade, TANONG has successfully transformed into a professional agriculture planting machine and plunger pump manufacturer. The applications of our products and services include high-pressure cleaning equipments, semi-conductor cleaning equipments, seawater desalination, environmental engineering projects, automatic agricultural systems,…etc.

We expect ourselves to be the top manufacturer of plunger pumps and related systems around the world. We believe with experienced technical know-how, advanced equipments, and our belief in high quality service, TANONG will be the best partner of all buyers.