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In 1970, Tanong introduced the DIAMOND sprayer which has been a leading brand in the fields of disinfecting, washing, foggy and other applications. We strive to produce more durable products that perform smoothly with every kind of chemical liquid to create better compatibility and convenience. Today Tanong takes effort to develop new concepts to meet our clients’ requirements. The Diamond range is known for offering superior quality products, now and in the future.
After decades as being a leading agricultural machinery manufacturer in power sprayer area, TANONG gradually stepped into other areas such as agriculture planting machine, industrial high pressure pumps, and misting systems. As TANONG grew rapidly, improvements were made in production and quality control procedures, and accordingly TANONG was approved with ISO9001 standards successively.
In the past decade, TANONG has successfully transformed into a professional agriculture planting machine and plunger pump manufacturer. The applications of our products and services include high-pressure cleaning equipments, semi-conductor cleaning equipments, seawater desalination, environmental engineering projects, automatic agricultural systems,…etc. We expect ourselves to be the top manufacturer of plunger pumps and related systems around the world. We believe with experienced technical know-how, advanced equipments, and our belief in high quality service, TANONG will be the best partner of all buyers.
In 2015, TANONG introduced external funds and raised the capital to 100 million NTD. In order to expand bussiness scale and optimize management mechanism, “Department of Mechatronics Integration” and “Department of Leasing Business” were upgraded into two independent subsidiaries, “Af-tech” and “Midasevent” respectively, which are of 100 percent shareholding from TANONG.
Established “Department of Leasing Business” to handle business of activity planning and products leasing. Combined with misting and cooling-related products, attempted to step into the brand-new business model, “Servitization in Manufacturing Industry”.
Stainless High Pressure Pump had successful access to the market of tunnel car washer in United States and the channel of cleaning facilities of electronics industries in Taiwan. In the same year, started to develop mechatronics systems products and “High-end High Pressure Pump Application Integration Service”.

The Portable Misting Fan had successful access to Japan market. With the integrative service sales strategies of both Systemic Misting Machine and its accessories, out-door cooling has been all the rage in United States and lots of countries in Europe. In this year, our R&D department introduced SOLIDWORKS, which has been integrated with internal products design format and framework   and intensified both of our internal and external communication abilities in all aspects of our product development process.

TANONG raised the capital to 77 million NTD and adopted ISO/TS 16949 quality assurance system. With the technology of machining, involved itself in motor vehicle parts manufacturing, becoming the manufacturer of the genuine motor vehicle parts of GM、FORD、BENZ and AUDI.

Introduced German DMG Ultrasonic Machines and involved in the technology of machining processing of advanced materials such as ceramics and quartz. Via this advanced technology, TANONG successfully helped itself involve in manufacturing the parts of semi-conductor and opto-electronics industries. In the same year, got the S-200 quality system certificate of Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. and successfully entered the field of manufacture of parts of aerospace industry.

TANONG raised the capital to 40 million NTD, introduced German Zeiss CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine and BM CATIA V5.0 CAD/CAM, purchased German DMG vertical and horizontal machining centers (VMC& HMC) and expanded the factory space into 5,000 m2.

TANONG introduced ERP System of Windows version to make the company computerized and to make every management resource more IT-systematized. Because of the overall integration of ERP platform and ISO quality system, every department could optimize the management and utilize the information more efficiently.


Announced the new CIS (Company Identical System). In order to enhance the quality stability in product design, manufacture, sales and maintenance, we actively promoted ISO certification system through cross-department cooperation. In July, TANONG obtained ISO9001 certificate and thus quality management system of our company reached another higher level.


Became the exclusive distributor of a series of products of Japanese ASABA MANUFACTURING, INC., and successfully enhanced the electricity power into 400 KW in October to solve the problem of the deficiency in power. Besides, we introduced CNC HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTER of Japanese brand, MORI SEIKI to undergo automatic high precision machining.

Introduced CNC machine centering and executed the SPMM (single person to multi-machine) producing system. Extended the space of factory to 3,300 mand the number of parts suppliers increased to 150. The annual production exceeded to 30,000 sets and the turnover increased to 200 million NTD but the number of employee was reduced to 40 people.
Divided the sales department into ITD (International Trading Dept.) and DSD (Domestic Sales Dept.) Expanded the business to import trading, export trading, OEM/ODM and manufacturing. Started to become the distributor of high-pressure cleaner of Italian brand, COMET.
In response to the policy of transformation from a labor-intensive industry into a technology-intensive one, TANONG introduced numerical control tooling machines, raised the capital to 20 million NTD and reduced the employee number to 50 people. During this period, the annual amount of production exceeded 25,000 sets and the factory space was extended to 3,300 m2.
Produced the Disinfection-and epidemic prevention vehicles for the government and became the only one supplier for this equipment. Developed self-propelled spraying cars successfully and got the subsidy from the Farmers' Association. 
In honor of the first registered mark in the agricultural machine industries, the capital increased to 10 million NTD and started the fourth 3-year developing plan by introducing new composite tooling machines and measuring instruments. The amount of annual production exceeded 15,000 sets with turnover of 50 million NTD, the total employees number and factory site also increased to 80 and 2,000 m2 respectively.
Business grew by distributing the gas engines of KAWASAKI, the diesel engines of KOHLER and spraying cars of TOKAI Japan.
Being the exclusive agency of ASABA Japan for the spraying accessories, and the capital increased to 5 million NTD. By introducing the new semi-automatic tooling machines, annual production exceeded 10,000 sets. The number of employees increased to 50 and the factory extended to 990 m2. 
Established at No. 6 Feng-Ming Road, Shang-Feng Village, Daya Township, Taichung County, Taiwan. R.O.C., Tanong Agricultural Machine Co., Ltd started producing the high pressure power sprayers with 30 employee, less than 30 parts suppliers and 330 m2 factory site. The annual production for the domestic market was 1,200 sets. In the meantime, The shareholders also made the first 3-year developing plan for the company.
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